HDEV 0019. Exceptional Development: Inclusion of Special Needs Children

Units: 3
Prerequisite: Completion of HDEV 1 or 9 with grade of "C" or better
Hours: 54 lecture
Introduction to the study of children from birth to eight years of age with special needs resulting from atypical physical/motor, cognitive, language/literacy, and social/emotional development. Covers causes and accommodation of the major types of exceptional development, including giftedness, in schools, childcare settings, homes, public and private sectors. Designed for parents, teachers, aides in infant/toddler programs, preschools and K-2 elementary school levels, and other interested students. Emphasis on communication and understanding behavioral dynamics while forming respectful relationships between families, caregivers, and specialists. Approved for continuing education units by the Board of Registered Nursing. (CSU)