WELD 0025. Intermediate Welding Technology - Career Path

Units: 3
Prerequisite: Completion with grade of "C" or better or concurrent enrollment in WELD 20
Hours: 90 (36 lecture, 54 laboratory)
Emphasis on out of position welding techniques in Shielded Metal Arc (SMAW) and Oxy-Acetylene welding (OAW). Flux Core Arc (FCAW), Oxy-fuel flame Cutting (OFC) and Air Carbon Arc Cutting (CAC-C) are also performed. Intended as an intermediate level welding course for students following a career path in the welding field. Students are advised that WELD 20 and WELD 25 can be taken at the same time or WELD 25 can be taken following completion of WELD 20, but before WELD 30. (not transferable)