ENGLĀ 0001A. Introduction to Composition

Units: 3
Placement by matriculation assessment process OR completion of ENGL N, ESL 30W, or ESL 30C with grade of "C" or better
Hours: 54 lecture
Writing, reading, and critical thinking and research skills necessary for successful completion of a four-year college program. Includes reading, discussion, and analysis of selected non-fiction texts. Writing assignments (6,500 words of formal writing) teach students to summarize, explain, analyze, synthesize, and organize information logically and to propose and defend original ideas. Instruction in research, MLA documentation and completion of a fully-documented paper using multiple sources. (C-ID ENGL 100) (CSU, UC)

Student Enrollment and Attendance


...Have satisfactorily completed ENGL 0001A , ENGL 0001B , ENGL 0001C , ENGL 0011 , ENGL 0000N , ESL 0030C...