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BIO 5: Biology
BIO 5, © Daryl Stinchfield
GEOG 86: GPS for GIS
EOG 86: GPS for GIS, © Daryl Stinchfield
HIST 27: Women in American History
HIST 27: Women in American History, © Daryl Stinchfield
Math D
Math D, © Daryl Stinchfield
MECH 1, © Daryl Stinchfield
PHIL 10, © Daryl Stinchfield
PHOTO 70AB, © Daryl Stinchfield
WELD 25, © Daryl Stinchfield
PHED55: Yoga
PHED55: Yoga, © David Blanchard

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Sierra has encouraging faculty and staff that can help you every step of the way. Financial Aid, Counseling, Tutoring, Workshops and more. We are here to help. Find yourself at Sierra.

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Ranked 1st in Northern California (Sacramento north) for transfers to 4-year Universities

67 AA / AS Degrees
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78 Certificates

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Sierra holds engaging events such as Earth Days, Pride Week, and Love Your Body Week. Other events include lectures and forums from renowned experts, fairs, art exhibits, museum tours, and athletic competitions by our nationally ranked teams. For all events view our event calendar.

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