FIREĀ 0100. Firefighter I Academy

Units: 16
Prerequisite: Completion of FIRE 0001 and HSCI 0002 with grades of "C" or better, possession of a current Emergency Medical Technician certificate, and submission of a physician's physical verification, including a spirometry test
Corequisite: concurrent enrollment in KIN 0097
Advisory: Completion of FIRE 0099 with grade of "C" or better
Hours: 546.5 (167 lecture, 379.5 laboratory)
Designed for entry level firefighters. Approved by the California State Board of Fire Services and Fire Marshal's Office. When combined with a specified experience component leads to state certification as a Firefighter I. Includes: fire behavior, control techniques, ground operations, hazardous materials, incident command system, auto extrication, salvage operations, and wildland fire behavior/control. Certificate of Completion issued with grade of "C" or better in both FIRE 0100 and KIN 0097. Physically demanding program. Materials fee required. (not transferable)

Fire Technology

The Fire Technology program prepares students for a career in the fire service and provides educational and training opportunities for employed and volunteer firefighters.