HSCI 0054. Paramedic - Advanced Life Support Part 2

Units: 8
Prerequisite: Completion of HSCI 53 with grade of "C" or better; current enrollment in the CSU Sacramento Paramedic Program
Hours: 254 (92 lecture, 162 laboratory)
Part two of a four-part series of courses providing the foundational knowledge required for the paramedic level of care in the Emergency Medical System (EMS). Theory and psychomotor application of prehospital care including the anatomy and physiology related to body systems and the impact of trauma, disease processes and medical disorders for common obstetric, pediatric, and geriatric patient emergencies. Students will learn to identify abnormal physical assessments and apply appropriate priority interventions. Competencies in accessing and evaluating patient monitoring technologies, and integrating advanced life support theories to perform paramedic skills related to prehospital care standards for traumatic injuries and medical emergencies. Students will receive certified training in Pediatric Advanced life Support (PALS), International Trauma Life Support (ITLS), Advanced Medical Life Support (AMLS) and Emergency Vehicle Operations (EVOC). (CSU)