HSCI 0056. Paramedic Field Internship

Units: 10
Prerequisite: Completion of HSCI 55 with grade of "C" or better; current enrollment in the CSU Sacramento Paramedic Program
Hours: 498 (18 lecture, 480 laboratory)
Part four of a four-part series providing the foundational knowledge required for the paramedic level of care in the Emergency Medical System (EMS). The field Internship section provides the paramedic student the culminating field experience minimum of 480 hours on an Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulance and/or fire engine. The paramedic student will work in a variety of patient care situations under the direct supervision of a Paramedic Preceptor, and will demonstrate the ability to perform an assessment, identify abnormal physical findings, and be able to apply appropriate priority interventions while working in dynamic field environments. (CSU)