IT 0145. Introduction to Cybersecurity: Ethical Hacking

Units: 3
Formerly known as CIS 152
Prerequisite: Completion of IT 120 with grade of "C" or better
Advisory: Completion of CSCI 50 with grade of "C" or better
Hours: 72 (54 lecture, 18 laboratory)
Immerses IT Professionals in hands-on intensive environment providing in-depth knowledge and experience with current essential security systems. Provides understanding of perimeter defenses and leads to scanning and attacking networks; no real networks are harmed. Students learn how intruders escalate privileges and the steps to be taken to secure a system. Also covers Intrusion Detection, Policy Creation, Social Engineering, DDoS Attacks, Buffer Overflows, and Virtual Creation. Focus includes legal and regulatory requirements, ethical issues, basic methodology and technical tools used for ethical hacking and penetration tests. Students establish a pre-test agreement with the enterprise, discover and exploit vulnerabilities, participate as a member of a pen test team and prepare a penetration test report. Also includes exploration and practice of 21st century career skills: Self-Awareness and Empathy. (CSU)