MUSĀ 0051. Applied Music

Unit: 1
Formerly known as MUS 51A
Prerequisite: Enrollment Limitation: audition before music faculty of level appropriate repertoire demonstrating technical and interpretive skills and ability to read music; limited to declared music majors only
Advisory: Three to four years experience on an instrument or voice prior to enrollment. Concurrent enrollment in an appropriate ensemble: MUS 42, 46, 47, 48, 50, or 54
Hours: 40 (7 lecture, 33 laboratory)
Individualized study of departmentally approved fine art performance curriculum. Emphasis on the progressive development of skills needed for solo performance. Student evaluated through a juried performance and a departmental recital. May be taken four times for credit. (C-ID MUS 160) (CSU, UC-with limitation)


It is the mission of the Music Department to provide for every level of student and community member an affordable and accessible musical education in an atmosphere that embraces academic excellence, diversity and innovation. Whether students are interested in musical career and technical training, transfer to a four year institution, or lifelong learning, the Music Department will help foster a deeper awareness of the value that music plays in our students and in our community. The Sierra College Music Department encourages students and community members alike to follow their musical passion by developing their musical skills so they can make significant musical contributions to their lives and communities.