NRSRĀ 0021. Nursing Fundamentals and Geriatric Nursing

Units: 11
Prerequisite: Completion of BIOL 4 or 8A/8B, 5 or 7A/7B, 6, NUTF 10, HDEV 1, PSYC 100, MATH A, and ENGL 1A with grades of "C" or better; eligibility for ENGL 11
396 (99 lecture, 297 laboratory)
Introduction to nursing with overview of its evolution, present trends and issues, legal and ethical aspects and the major concepts underlying today's practice. Theory and correlated clinical practice related to utilizing the nursing process based on Roy's Adaptation Model to provide direct care to stable adult and elderly patients. Emphasis on basic human needs and promoting adaptive mechanisms for attaining and maintaining wellness. Students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to perform all basic nursing procedures. (letter grade only) (CSU)