NRSRĀ 0023. Medical Surgical II and Mental Health Nursing

Units: 11
Prerequisite: Completion of NRSR 22 with grade of "C" or better or current LVN licensure and BIOL 4 or 8A/8B, 5 or 7A/7B, 6, NUTF 10, HDEV 1, PSYC 100, MATH A, and ENGL 1A with grades of "C" or better; Completion of or concurrent enrollment in COMM 1 and SOC 1 or ANTH 2 with grades of "C" or better
Hours: 387 (104 lecture, 283 laboratory)
Theory and clinical practice related to application of the nursing process based on Roy's Adaptation Model. Students provide care for the adult client having a variety of complex medical-surgical health problems and learn to apply the nursing process for clients experiencing common mental health issues. Focus is on the role of the registered nurse in therapeutic communication, health teaching, leadership, management, and team work. Students further develop skills and apply theory introduced in NRSR 22 in varied and more complex settings, and gain additional theory and skills related to new clinical areas and levels of responsibility. (letter grade only) (CSU)

Nursing, Registered

Students completing the Registered Nursing Program earn an AS or AA degree in Registered Nursing. In order to receive complete and accurate information concerning the nursing programs, students are urged to first read the information on the Sierra College website carefully and then seek further information or clarification from the nursing department or counseling staff as necessary.