AAD 0093. Introduction to Motion Graphics

Units: 3
Prerequisite: Completion of AAD 79 with grade of "C" or better
Hours: 90 (36 lecture, 54 laboratory)
Application of graphic design principles to filmmaking and video production using various forms of animation and visual effects. Exploration of traditional and experimental approaches to creating dynamic visual content for use in video, design and animation. Topics include the integration of text, video, graphics, and sound into short animation pieces as well as components for larger productions. Aesthetic, conceptual and technological considerations discussed and applied. (CSU, UC)

Applied Art and Design


Applied Art and Design is an academic discipline which focuses on the principles and practical applications of art, design, photography, computer graphics, imaging and animation. Study of the foundations of design, creative problem solving, portfolio development and internship experiences, all prepare students for transfer programs and career opportunities. Within the AA/AS degree or certificate options, students may concentrate in Graphic Design, Illustration, or Multimedia. Students who successfully complete the Applied Art and Design major can expect to find entry level employment in such areas as digital illustration, graphic design for print and internet, multimedia, animation, photographic retouching and pre-press operation.