ADMJ 0050. Introduction to Administration of Justice

Units: 3
Hours: 54 lecture
Exploration of the history and philosophical roots of the U.S. justice system; in-depth study of the system and its sub-systems with emphasis on the total environment in which they operate; roles and role expectations of professionals as perceived from within and outside of the system; study of theories of crime, punishment, rehabilitation; exploration of research methodology of the discipline; analysis of the system interrelationship with society, punishments and incarceration alternatives. (C-ID AJ 110) (CSU, UC)

Administration of Justice

Overview The Administration of Justice program offers students an Associate Degree for Transfer which prepares students for transfer into the California State University system. In addition, there are three associate degrees offered with specific areas of concentration. Each concentration has specific core courses that are required of all students. Courses are available in law enforcement, specializing in police activities that promote public safety and service to the community; courts, specializing in responsibilities to the public through the trial system of adjudication; and corrections, where sentenced individuals are subjected to society's effort to provide accountability and correct the deviant behavior. The Administration of Justice program also offers a number of POST certified peace officer training courses, including PC 832 Arrest and Firearms, as well as Modules III and II of the POST Regular Basic Course (Law Enforcement Academy). Successful completion of the two modules allows students to be hired as Level III or Level II Reserve Peace Officers in California. The Department also offers some in-service POST training courses for continuing professional development. TRANSFER MAJOR REQUIREMENTS in Administration of Justice are available in the Counseling Center. In all cases, students should consult with a counselor for specific transfer requirements. Four-year graduates in Administration of Justice are qualified for career pathways in law enforcement, the courts and corrections. Faculty Ralph McGill Professor, Administration of Justice B.A., New College of California Blair H. Spaulding Professor/Coordinator, Administration of Justice B.A., University of California, Santa Barbara