BIOLĀ 0006. Human Physiology

Units: 5
Prerequisite: Completion of CHEM 2A or 1A or 3A/3B; AND BIOL 5 or 7A/7B or 55 with grades of "C" or better
Advisory: Completion of MATH D with grade of "C" or better; completion of a non-majors general biology course with grade of "C" or better; and eligibility for ENGL 1A
Hours: 126 (72 lecture, 54 laboratory)
Study of the physiology, integration, and homeostasis of the human body from chemical through organism levels. Organ systems covered are integumentary, muscular, nervous, sensory, cardiovascular, lymphatic and immune, respiratory, urinary, digestive, endocrine, and reproductive system. Experiments using living and non-living models are performed in lab using methods of data acquisition, recording systems, and analysis of data. Primarily intended for Nursing, Allied Health, Kinesiology, and other health or life science majors. (C-ID BIOL 120B) (CSU, UC-with unit limitation)