CHEMĀ 0001B. General Chemistry II

Units: 5
Prerequisite: Completion of CHEM 1A or 3B with grade of "C" or better
Advisory: Eligibility for ENGL 11 strongly recommended
Hours: 162 (54 lecture, 108 laboratory)
A continuation of CHEM 1A. Includes modern theories of bonding, acid-base theory, equilibrium, thermodynamics, electro-chemistry, nuclear chemistry, chemical kinetics, and a brief introduction to organic and biochemistry through related lecture and laboratory exercises. Note: CHEM 1A/1B sequence may be started any semester. (combined with CHEM 1A or CHEM 3A/3B, C-ID CHEM 120S) (CSU, UC-with unit limitation)

Transferable Courses to the UC System

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