ENGLĀ 0001A. College Reading, Writing and Research

Units: 4
Prerequisite: Placement by matriculation assessment process or completion of ENGL N with grade of "C" or better
Hours: 72 lecture
Develops and refines students' writing, reading, and critical thinking skills by introducing the conventions of academic conversations and arguments in an academic community. Students read and discuss a variety of works from different literary genres, focusing on non-fiction and expository texts, reading 20 or more pages per week. The course also emphasizes research skills, including accessing college library databases, evaluating and documenting sources, using MLA style, and practicing academic integrity. Students write essays in expository and argumentative prose, including at least one research paper, in response to class reading and outside research, for a total of at least 6500 words. (C-ID ENGL 100) (CSU, UC)

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