HDEV 0025. Teaching in a Diverse Society

Units: 3
Hours: 54 lecture
Examines the impact of various societal influences on the development of children’s social identity. Covers developmentally appropriate, inclusive, and anti-bias approaches. Self-examination and reflection on issues related to social identity, stereotypes, and bias will be emphasized. (C-ID ECE 230) (CSU)

Human Development and Family


The Human Development and Family degree program provides students with the necessary education for work in child development programs at various levels: assistant teacher, associate teacher, teacher, master teacher, site supervisor and director. It also includes instruction in infant care, preschool, school-age care, and children’s advocacy. Course work prepares students who wish to go into the field of teaching, as well as work with families and social services.



...Mexican American History HIST 0025 Native American History...0004 The Family (also HDEV 0022 ) SOC 0005...