HED 0010. Health and Aging

Units: 3
Hours: 54 lecture
Basic principles and concepts of the aging process; includes the physical, social, emotional, and mental components of health. Benefits of health promotion and preventive action for the aging are also explored. (CSU)

HED 0010 - Health and Aging


Catalog Description Hours: 54 lecture Description: Basic principles and concepts of the aging process; includes the physical, social, emotional, and mental components of health. Benefits of health promotion and preventive action for the aging are also explored. (CSU) Course Student Learning Outcomes CSLO #1: Discuss the impact of health promotion and preventative action for aging populations. CSLO #2: Analyze the health status and aging process of populations in the U.S. by race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation and discuss the role of health determinants. CSLO #3: Summarize the recommendations for nutrition and exercise programming for older adults. CSLO #4: Discuss mental health issues in aging populations and the preventative and therapeutic options. Effective Term Fall 2022 Course Type Credit - Degree-applicable Contact Hours 54 Outside of Class Hours 108 Total Student Learning Hours 162 Course Objectives 1. Compare and contrast the cost of living in several different types of senior facilities. 2. Explain the role of culture and society in how the elderly are viewed and taken care of during the latter stages of life. 3. Chart the appropriate health screenings after age 35 as they correlate to gender, age and disease prevention. 4. Discuss the lifestyle factors that enable aging Americans to live a fulfilling life related to their physical, social, emotional, mental and sexual health. 5. Discuss the specific nutrition and exercise program guidelines for aging Americans with consideration for potential challenges to mobility or arthritis. 6. Define Alzheimer's disease and explain the hardships of this disease on the lead caretaker. 7. Compare and contrast the issues that men and women have during midlife when there is a reduction or change of hormones. 8. Outline the various symptoms, tests, treatments, and necessary behavior changes that are associated with major diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer 9. Summarize the issues regarding abuse of prescription medicines and the role of the physician. 10. Outline effects that grief has on a person's health and how to mitigate the effects. General Education Information Approved College Associate Degree GE Applicability AA/AS - Health Ed/Physical Ed CSU GE Applicability (Recommended-requires CSU approval) CSUGE - E1 Lifelong Learning and Self-Development Cal-GETC Applicability (Recommended - Requires External Approval) IGETC Applicability (Recommended-requires CSU/UC approval) Articulation Information CSU Transferable Methods of Evaluation Essay Examinations Example: Students will be required to take an essay exam that assesses an understanding of the issues involved with cardiovascular disease in regards to symptoms, detection, possible medical procedures, lifestyle changes and treatment. Objective Examinations Example: Students will be given an exam that evaluates their knowledge on the leading causes of death in the U.S. and the factors that contribute to the development. Sample question: List four behavioral factors that increase your risk of developing heart disease. Projects Example: Students will submit a chart that represents the appropriate health screenings as it correlates to gender, age (35-75) and disease prevention. Along with the chart the student will compose a paper that addresses some of the barriers that prevent people from participating in these life saving tests. The second part of the paper will formulate ideas on how to problem solve some of the access or apprehension issues that are associated with the various medical tests. Repeatable No Methods of Instruction Lecture/Discussion Distance Learning Lecture: Instructor will lecture on an action plan that a 35 year old female should employ when she discovers breast and ovarian cancer and diabetes in her immediate family tree. Students will then create an action plan. Following an instructor lecture on memory and cognitive function, students will research games to improve memory and cognitive function in seniors. Students will then work in small groups sharing the games and participating. Distance Learning Following an online lecture on nutritional plans, students will complete a nutritional plan giving recommendations for a senior using an approved online program. Typical Out of Class Assignments Reading Assignments 1. Read two different articles that emphasize health issues for seniors from newspapers, magazines or journals and compare the main points of the articles and be prepared to discuss in class. 2. Read about the side effects of three different medications for the same health issue that are prescribed for aging Americans. Rank the medicines from best to worst by their side effects and be prepared to discuss in class. Writing, Problem Solving or Performance 1. Present five interview questions for a fifty year old woman that is trying to improve her strength, lose weight and deter osteoporosis. She belongs to a health club. Her physician is asking her to strength train 60 minutes a week and do something cardiovascular most days of the week for thirty minutes. Construct the program after interviewing her using that specific information. Keep in mind gender, age and physician's request. 2. Write a three page paper on a disease that has affected someone in your family that is over the age of 50. In the paper discuss the disease in terms of prevention, symptoms/detection, tests, treatment and future outlook for your family member. Other (Term projects, research papers, portfolios, etc.) 1. Interview someone whom you think has aged well. Design the interview to show some of the lifestyle behaviors that have contributed to a healthy life. Include in your interview a question that identifies something they would change if they knew what they know now about their health. An example would be wearing sunscreen when they golfed during their earlier years. The interview should include a minimum of eight questions. Please comment on their responses and if this might have any impact on how you view your life presently. Required Materials Health Promotion and Aging Author: David Haber Publisher: Springer Publishing Publication Date: 2019 Text Edition: 8th Classic Textbook?: OER Link: OER: Annual Editions: Aging Author: Elaina Osterbur Publisher: McGraw Hill Publication Date: 2019 Text Edition: Classic Textbook?: OER Link: OER: Health in the Later Years Author: Ferrini, A and Ferrini, R Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publication Date: 2012 Text Edition: 5th Classic Textbook?: OER Link: OER: Other materials and-or supplies required of students that contribute to the cost of the course.