HUM 0021. Introduction to the New Testament

Units: 3
Advisory: Eligibility for ENGL 1A
Hours: 54 lecture
Introduction to New Testament literature in its cultural and historical context. Employs methods of critical analysis of Biblical materials, surveying issues related to their authorship, genre and content. Explores the historical Jesus, literary depictions of Jesus in the gospels, the career and writings of the apostle Paul, the structure and beliefs of the early Christian church, and Christian apocalypticism. Emphasizes the impact of the New Testament on western culture. (CSU, UC)


The study of Humanities offers an approach which integrates the arts, literature, history, music, philosophy and other disciplines. The program focuses on the culture of human civilization from classic antiquity through the Middle Ages and Renaissance to the Modern Era. The objective of the Humanities is to give a sense of wholeness to human experience.