PHOT 0030 - Photographing Works of Art

Catalog Description Course Student Learning Outcomes Effective Term Fall 2024 Course Type Contact Hours 13 Outside of Class Hours Total Student Learning Hours Course Objectives General Education Information Approved College Associate Degree GE Applicability CSU GE Applicability (Recommended-requires CSU approval) Cal-GETC Applicability (Recommended - Requires External Approval) IGETC Applicability (Recommended-requires CSU/UC approval) Articulation Information Methods of Evaluation Repeatable No Methods of Instruction Typical Out of Class Assignments Reading Assignments Writing, Problem Solving or Performance Other (Term projects, research papers, portfolios, etc.) Required Materials Other materials and-or supplies required of students that contribute to the cost of the course.


...Aesthetics of Photography (also PHOT 0010 ) ARHI Western Cultures PHIL 0030 Introduction to Social...