SOC 0010. Feminism and Social Action

Units: 3
Also known as WMST 4
Advisory: Completion of ENGL N with grade of "C" or better
Hours: 54 lecture
Examines sociological underpinnings of social action and explores unique contributions of feminism in challenging traditional gender scripts. Provides an overview of the ways in which women engage in deliberative social action to change the conditions of their lives and of their communities. Emphasizes sociological theory as applied to issues related to the institutions of family, health, religion, employment, sexual harassment, housing, and interpersonal violence. (CSU, UC)


Sociology is a disciplined quest for the understanding of human behavior—particularly in post-industrial society. Through a systematic analysis of society, its groups, institutions and processes, sociologists hope to better understand and predict human behavior. The introductory course provides a foundation in sociological concepts, with the goal of having students acquire the perspective in sociology and the ability to see their personal position in a societal context. Other sociology courses focus on social problems, race and ethnic relations, gender and gender identity, and the family.