SPANĀ 0002. Elementary Spanish - Level II

Units: 5
Prerequisite: Completion of SPAN 1 or two years of high school Spanish with grade(s) of "C" or better
Hours: 90 lecture
Second of two semesters of Elementary Spanish. Provides further practice in speaking, understanding, reading and writing Spanish, along with exploration of cultural aspects of the Spanish-speaking world. (C-ID SPAN 110) (CSU, UC)


The active part that the United States is now taking in world affairs makes it desirable that a greater number of Americans than ever before have knowledge of foreign languages and cultures. In the most recent census of California, 43.5% of our population speaks a language other than English at home; U.S. census projections show the Hispanic community growing across the nation. For this reason, students will benefit from learning Spanish in preparation for any career. The acquisition of desired practical communication skills is the primary objective of the Spanish program at Sierra College. Courses are organized around grammatical themes imbedded in cultural topics, requiring critical thinking, analysis and practical application. Instruction in the Communicative Method integrates the five key learning objectives of Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing and Cultural Competence.