THEA 0021. Script Analysis

Units: 3
Formerly known as DRMA 21
Hours: 54 lecture
Introduces Dramatic Arts Majors and other students to the fundamental techniques of script analysis. Focus on students' ability to interpret and describe concepts and ideas related to historical and contemporary dramatic literature. Emphasis on development of techniques of script analysis specific to use in acting, directing, design, and critical and social analysis. (C-ID THTR 114) (CSU, UC)

Theatre Arts

The Theatre Arts Department offers training, both theoretical and practical, in theatrical production, including performance, technical and business management aspects, as well as the serious study of the development of those aspects from the early Greeks up to the bright lights of Broadway. We believe that the creativity, the personal interaction and the excitement of participating in a performance are highly valuable experiences for any individual. The heightened awareness of beauty and truth are carried on into the later life of the student to perhaps enable him or her to appreciate more fully what is available.


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