LGBT 0001. Introduction to LGBT Studies/Queer Theory

Units: 3
Formerly known as HUM 27
Also known as WMST 2
Advisory: Eligibility for ENGL 1A
Hours: 54 lecture
A broad and general exploration of Queer Theory as an historical consequence of Feminism and Gay and Lesbian Studies. Emphasis on theoretical and philosophical underpinnings of Queer Theory, Social Construction versus Essentialism, Postmodernist theory, politics, LGBT Studies and Queer Culture. Examines LGBTQ issues from bio-medical, sociological, political, racial and sexual perspectives. (C-ID SJS 130) (CSU, UC)

LGBT 0002. Queer (LGBTIQ) Film History

Units: 3
Formerly known as HUM 26
Hours: 72 (36 lecture, 36 activity)
Historical representations of queer sexualities in mainstream commercial cinema, as well as underground and independent films, from the silent era to the present. Examines theoretical approaches to the study of queer cinema, the way social attitudes shape cultural representation, and the relationship between audience interpretation and filmmakers' intentions. (CSU, UC)

LGBT 0010. LGBT Narratives

Unit: 1
Hours: 18 lecture
Introduction to LGBT narratives including biographical, literary, scientific, political and visual cultural. Designed for students interested in Spectrum's Oral History Project. (not transferable)

LGBT 0028. Independent Study

Units: 1-3
Designed for students interested in furthering their knowledge at an independent study level in an area where no specific curriculum offering is currently available. Independent study might include, but is not limited to, research papers, special subject area projects, and research projects. See Independent Study page in catalog. (CSU, UC-with unit limitation)

LGBT 0095. Internship in LGBT Studies

Units: 0.5-4
Designed for advanced students to work in an area related to their educational or occupational goal. Provides new on-the-job technical training under the direction of a worksite supervisor, allowing students to expand knowledge and skills in the chosen field. Mandatory orientation session and faculty approval to determine eligibility. One unit of credit is equal to each 60 hours of non-paid work, or each 75 hours of paid work. Students may earn up to a total of 16 units in internship courses (any course numbered 95 and PDEV 94). (CSU-with unit limitation)