Contact Information

Contact Information
Student Services
Bobby Gosal
Department Coordinator
Jason Sumilhig
Division Office
Rise Center, Learning Resource Center, Rocklin Campus

The Rise department is the instructional component of the Rise program at Sierra College. Courses prepare students to be successful in college and future careers by providing a broad understanding of academic and personal success skills, active reading strategies, information literacy, financial literacy, critical thinking, career exploration, and theories of intersectionality, student engagement, and cultural humility. For more information about the Rise program, please visit our website.


Jason Alejandro Gonzales Sumilhig

Assistant Professor/Coordinator, Rise

B.S., California State University, Sacramento
M.B.A., California State University, Sacramento
Ed.D., California State University, Sacramento


Understanding course descriptions

RISE 0001. First Year Seminar

Units: 3
Hours: 54 lecture
Required first-year experience seminar for RISE students. Introduction to interdisciplinary active reading skills, information literacy, financial literacy, critical thinking, and student success skills. Examines intersectionality and cultural humility as related to student identities, experiences, support, and engagement. (CSU, UC)

Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs)

  • Develop and apply critical thinking skills.
  • Develop and apply active reading strategies.
  • Develop and apply financial literacy skills.
  • Develop and apply academic and personal success skills.
  • Access, evaluate, and analyze resources.
  • Utilize intersectionality theory, student engagement theories, and cultural humility to examine students’ diverse experiences in college and society.