A student’s past substandard academic performance may not, for a variety of reasons, be reflective of the student’s subsequent demonstrated ability. In such instances, the student’s prior record may impair progress toward a legitimate educational goal. The policy outlined here is designed to permit alleviation of such previously recorded, substandard academic performance at Sierra College so that the student can achieve an appropriate academic goal in a reasonable period of time. This process is termed “Academic Renewal,” and all Academic Renewal actions are irreversible.
Academic Renewal shall conform to the following guidelines:
  • Academic Renewal can only be applied to “D” and “F” grades.
  • The number of units alleviated may not exceed 30, or be in excess of the number of units satisfactorily completed by the student since taking the courses to be alleviated, whichever is lower (unless the Academic Standards Committee finds extenuating circumstances to justify extending the 30 unit limitation).
  • Such alleviation shall be permitted only after eighteen (18) units have been completed and a minimum of twelve (12) months have elapsed since the earning of the grades to be alleviated.
  • The student must have a grade point average of 2.5 or higher in all courses attempted since taking the courses to be alleviated.

A student seeking academic renewal must meet with a Sierra College counselor to complete an Academic Renewal petition. The petition must be signed by the counselor before it is submitted to a campus Admissions and Records Office. If any of the required 18 units are earned at another college, an official transcript must be submitted with the petition. The Academic Standards Committee will review the request.

Reference: Sierra College Administrative Procedure 4240.