The District has the right to monitor any and all aspects of the computer use and telephone voice mail systems, including employee or student email or voice mail, to ensure compliance with policies and procedures. The computers, computer accounts, and voice mail accounts given to employees and students are to assist them in the performance of their job duties or their academic studies. Employees and students should not have any expectation of privacy in anything they create, send, or receive via the computer or the telephone. The computer and telecommunication systems belong to the District and are intended for business and academic purposes only.

Computer and telecommunication resources and services include, but are not limited to, the following: host computers, file servers, work stations, stand-alone computers, lap-tops, software, and internal or external communications networks (Internet, commercial online services, mobile devices, and email systems) that are accessed directly or indirectly from the District’s computer facilities.

Reference: Sierra College Board Policy 3720 and Administrative Procedure 3720.