Auditing allows students to attend a course without of­fi­cial­ly reg­is­ter­ing. There is no record of attendance and no grade will be issued. Completing as­sign­ments and tests is not re­quired, and professors have no obligation to grade the assignments of auditors. Students may audit one course per semester with the professor’s permission. Auditors must be eligible for admission as regularly enrolled students (any person over the age of 18 or possessing a high school diploma or its equivalent.) Priority is al­ways given first to students who reg­is­ter for credit; au­dit­ing is on a space available basis, and auditors are not permitted to change enrollment in the course to receive credit. Courses that include field trips are not eligible for audit.

Audit petitions are available at an Admissions and Records office. Students wishing to audit may attend the initial class meetings at the professor's discretion. A prospective auditor may request approval to audit at the conclusion of the add/drop period. If the professor approves and signs the audit petition, the auditor must obtain the signature of the appropriate division dean. The completed petition is then submitted to an Admissions and Records office. Audit petitions are not accepted until after the add/drop period has ended.

A $15 per unit non-re­fund­able audit fee will be charged unless the student is enrolled in 10 or more units and requesting to audit 3 units or less. Students are also responsible for any other applicable course fees. Students auditing a class without simultaneous enrollment in any other class are not eligible for tutoring services or campus health center services.

Reference: Sierra College Administrative Procedure 4070.