Courses formerly designated as repeatable “activity” courses are now defined as non-repeatable “active participatory courses.” These courses have individual study or group assignments as the basic means by which learning objectives are obtained. Active participatory courses in physical education, visual arts, and performing arts that are related in content include groups of distinct courses with similar primary educational activities that have been separated into skill levels or variations and are separated with different student learning objectives or outcomes for each level or variation.

Students are limited to a maximum of four enrollments within each of these course groupings, also known as course families, regardless of the number of courses included in each family. This limitation applies retroactively to all prior enrollments in courses now included in a family; applies even if students receive substandard grades or withdrawals for one or more of the enrollments; and applies to re-enrollments due to extenuating circumstances.

Applied Art and Design Families

AAD Graphic Design
Graphic Design: Principles and Process
Graphic Design II: Digital Design and Production
Graphic Computer Illustration
Introduction to Digital Design
AAD Illustration and Drawing
Sketching for Design
Illustration (also known as ART 0055)
AAD Publication Design
Publication Design I
Publication Design II
AAD Video
Introduction to Digital Filmmaking
Intermediate Digital Filmmaking
Introduction to Motion Graphics
Documentary Filmmaking (also known as PHOT 0089)
AAD Web Design
Introduction to Web Design
Intermediate Web Design
Content Management Systems for Designers
Interaction Design

Art Families

ART Alternate Materials
Introduction to Fiber Arts
Collage and Assemblage
ART Ceramics
Ceramic Sculpture/Handbuilding
Ceramics I
Ceramics II
Raku Ceramics
ART Drawing
Drawing I
Drawing II
Figure Drawing I
Figure Drawing II
Portrait Drawing and Painting
ART Metal
Metal Arts
Advanced Metal Arts
Introduction to Jewelry and Metalsmithing
ART Painting
Oil Painting I
Oil Painting II
Watercolor Painting I
Watercolor Painting II
Acrylic Painting I
Acrylic Painting II
ART Printmaking
Printmaking I
Printmaking II
ART Sculpture
Sculpture I
Sculpture II
Figure Sculpture
ART Visual Art Fundamentals
Two-Dimensional Design Foundations
Three-Dimensional Design Foundations
Color Theory

Kinesiology Families

KIN Adapted
Adapted Aquatics
Adapted Aerobic Fitness
Adapted Individualized Exercises
KIN Aerobic Fitness - Resistance
Physical Fitness
Aerobic Fitness
Cardio Kickboxing
Water Exercise for Fitness
Mat Pilates
KIN Aerobic Training - Weights
Cardio Fitness - Level I
Cardio Fitness - Level II
KIN Ballet
Ballet I
Ballet II
KIN Basketball
Recreational Basketball
Sports Activities
KIN Country Dance
Line Dance
KIN Instruction
Instructional Methods for Group Fitness
Instructional Methods for Personal Trainers
KIN Self Defense
Peaceful Self Defense
Basic Self Defense
Multi Self Defense System
Self-Defense for Personal Safety
KIN Soccer
Soccer Level I
Soccer Level II
Futsal - Level I
Futsal - Level II
KIN Swimming
Fundamentals of Swimming
Swimming Conditioning
KIN Volleyball
Beach Volleyball
KIN Water Safety
KIN Weight Training
Cross Training
Weight Training
Strength Training - Circuit and Power Lifting
KIN Wellness
Fitness and Weight Management Boot Camp
Introduction to Meditation

Music Families

MUS Ear Training
Ear Training I
Ear Training II
Advanced Ear Training I
Advanced Ear Training II
MUS Guitar
Beginning Guitar
Beginning Guitar
Intermediate Guitar
Intermediate Guitar
MUS Music Production
Introduction to Commercial Music Production
Audio Recording
Media Content and Public Event Technology
Live Sound
MUS Piano
Beginning Piano I
Beginning Piano II
Intermediate Piano I
Intermediate Piano II
MUS Voice
Beginning Voice
Intermediate Voice
Advanced Voice I
Advanced Voice II

Photography Families

PHOT Black and White Photography
Elementary Photography
Intermediate Black and White Photography
PHOT Commercial Photography
Photographing Works of Art (also known as AAD 0030)
Studio Lighting
Advanced Studio Lighting
Outdoor Portrait Workshop
PHOT Digital Imaging
Introduction to Digital Imaging (also known as AAD 0075)
Advanced Projects in Digital Imaging (also known as AAD 0076)
PHOT Digital Photography
Digital Photography
Color Photography
PHOT Documentary Photography
Documentary Photography
PHOT Field Workshops: Outdoor
Field Workshop: Cityscape
Night Photography Field Workshop
Field Workshop: Landscape
Color Nature Photography Field Workshop
Field Workshop: Travel Photography

Theatre Arts Families 

THEA Costuming
Costume Construction
Stage Makeup
THEA Performance Cast
Rehearsal and Performance - Cast I
Rehearsal and Performance - Cast II
Rehearsal and Performance - Cast III
Rehearsal and Performance - Cast IV
THEA Production Crew
Production Crew I
Production Crew II
Production Crew III
Production Crew IV
THEA Stagecraft
Stage Properties
Scenic Painting