“Pass/No Pass” grades exist to permit stu­dents to at­tempt a class in which they are in­ter­est­ed but feel the risk of failure may be high. Students may elect to take one class per term on a pass/no pass basis unless the catalog expressly lim­its the grad­ing for a par­tic­u­lar course to a letter grade only (A, B, C, D, F). It is important to keep in mind that some CSU and UC campuses may have limitations on the number of pass/no pass courses that may be used to meet degree requirements. The UC system allows a maximum of 14 semester units taken pass/no pass to satisfy the minimum admission requirement of 60 transferable semester units. Pass/No Pass grading is subject to the following reg­u­la­tions:

  1. The course must be outside the student’s major.
  2. Students must submit a Pass/No Pass pe­ti­tion by the end of the first 30% of the class term. Check on mySierra or with a cam­pus Ad­mis­sions and Records of­fice for deadlines.
  3. A grade of “A,” “B,” or “C” will become a “P” (Pass); a grade of “D” or “F” will become an “NP” (No Pass).
  4. Units earned with a P grade are not used to calculate grade point averages.
  5. Units attempted for which NP is recorded are used in determining probation and dismissal.
  6. A non-repeatable class in which a P was received may not be re­peat­ed. A class in which an NP was received may be repeated on a Pass/No Pass basis only.
  7. Once the class has begun, the filed petition for Pass/No Pass cannot be with­drawn nor the decision be reversed; however, chang­es in major may result in P/NP grades be­ing changed to let­ter grades af­ter review by a counselor.

Reference: Sierra College Administrative Procedure 4232.