Sierra College is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for its students, employees, and visitors. In light of evidence that the use of tobacco and exposure to secondhand smoke pose significant health hazards, the District has established a smoke, vapor, and tobacco-free environment. The use of such products is prohibited upon all District owned or controlled properties and in all vehicles owned, leased, or operated by the District. This includes cigarettes, pipes, cigars, other tobacco products, or the smoking of any substance. The use of smokeless tobacco products (e.g., chewing tobacco) and the use of non-regulated nicotine or other vapor producing products (e.g., electronic cigarettes) is also prohibited. Violators of this policy shall be deemed to have disrupted the orderly operation of the College, may be required to leave the premises, and shall be subject to citation and fines.

Reference: Sierra College Board Policy 3570 and Administrative Procedure 3570.