By enrolling in Sierra College, a student agrees to be a responsible member of the District community; obey the law; comply with the published rules and regulations of the District; respect the rights, privileges and property of the other members of the District community; and not interfere with legitimate District affairs. All rules and regulations applying to conduct also apply to student employees, whether all or a portion of the salary is paid by the District.

The District Superintendent/President has established procedures for the imposition of discipline on students in accordance with the requirements for due process of the federal and state law and regulations.

The procedures clearly define the conduct that is subject to discipline, and identify potential disciplinary actions, including but not limited to the removal, suspension or expulsion of a student. 

The District Superintendent/President notifies the Board of all long term suspensions of one or more school terms.  The Board considers any recommendation from the Superintendent/President for expulsion. 

The standards of student conduct are included in the Students’ Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.

Reference: Sierra College Board Policy 5500.