California State University Baccalaureate Level Course List 2020-2021

Administration of Justice
Independent Study
Introduction to Administration of Justice
Traffic Investigations and Enforcement
Criminal Court Process
Police Field Operations
Introduction to Investigation
Concepts of Criminal Law
Introduction to Evidence
Juvenile Law and Procedure
Community and the Justice System
Introduction to Corrections
Managing the Adult Offender
Institutional Corrections and Casework
Substantive Law - Crimes and Punishments
Illegal Drugs - Recognition and Influence
Report Writing for Criminal Justice
Computer Use in Criminal Justice
Values and Ethics in Criminal Justice
Street and Prison Gangs
Terrorist Tactics and the Role of the First Responder
Introduction to Public Safety Dispatch
Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation
Fraud Examination
Internship in Administration of Justice 1
Advanced Manufacturing
Advanced Mill 4th and 5th Axis
Independent Study
Internship in Agriculture 1
Introduction to Plant Science (also known as BIOL 0021)
Integrated Pest Management
Sustainable Tree Care
Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture
Food, Society and the Environment
Introduction to Animal Science
Animal Feeds and Nutrition
Agriculture Mechanics
Introduction to Agricultural Business and Economics
Introduction to Soil Science
Allied Health
Introduction to Allied Health
Biological Anthropology
Biological Anthropology Laboratory
Cultural Anthropology
Native Peoples of North America
Introduction to Archaeology
Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology
Native Peoples of California
Magic, Witchcraft, Ritual, Myth and Religion
Introduction to Forensic Anthropology
Global Problems
Anthropology of Sex, Gender and Sexuality
Independent Study
Applied Art and Design
Visual Communication (also known as COMM 0012)
Portfolio Development and Presentation
Independent Study
Photographing Works of Art (also known as PHOT 0030)
Sketching for Design
Publication Design I
Publication Design II
Illustration (also known as ART 0055)
Graphic Design: Principles and Process
Graphic Design II: Digital Design and Production
Graphic Computer Illustration
Business Practices for the Applied Arts
Introduction to Digital Design
Introduction to Digital Painting (also known as ART 0071)
Digital Art Studio: Concepts and Practices (also known as ART 0073)
Introduction to Digital Imaging (also known as PHOT 0075)
Advanced Projects in Digital Imaging (also known as PHOT 0076)
Introduction to Digital Filmmaking (also known as COMM 0031A)
Intermediate Digital Filmmaking
Introduction to Three-Dimensional Modeling
Introduction to Web Design
Intermediate Web Design
Content Management Systems for Designers
History of Filmmaking
Documentary Filmmaking (also known as PHOT 0089)
Interaction Design
Introduction to Motion Graphics
Digital Animation
Internship in Applied Art and Design 1
Two-Dimensional Design Foundations
Three-Dimensional Design Foundations
Drawing I
Drawing II
Figure Drawing I
Figure Drawing II
Color Theory
Oil Painting I
Oil Painting II
Watercolor Painting I
Watercolor Painting II
Acrylic Painting I
Acrylic Painting II
Sculpture I
Sculpture II
Ceramic Sculpture/Handbuilding
Ceramics I
Ceramics II
Figure Sculpture
Raku Ceramics
Metal Arts
Advanced Metal Arts
Independent Study
Introduction to Fiber Arts
Art Metal Casting
Collage and Assemblage
Printmaking I
Printmaking II
Introduction to Jewelry and Metalsmithing
Portrait Drawing and Painting
Illustration (also known as AAD 0055)
Introduction to Digital Painting (also known as AAD 0071)
Digital Art Studio: Concepts and Practices (also known as ART 0073)
Internship in Art 1
Art History
Art Appreciation
Survey of Western Art I: Prehistory through the Middle Ages
Survey of Western Art II: Renaissance Traditions
Survey of Western Art III: Modern through Contemporary
History of Women in Art
History and Aesthetics of Photography (also known as PHOT 0010)
History of the Arts of Africa, the Americas, and Oceania
History of Asian Art
History of Islamic Art
Introduction to Planetary Systems
Introduction to Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe
Life in the Universe
Elementary Astronomy
Observational Astronomy
Astrophotography and Imaging
Frontiers in Astronomy
Independent Study
Baseball Training
Basketball Training
Cross Country Training
Springboard Diving Training
Football Training
Golf Training
Soccer Training
Softball Training
Swimming Training
Tennis Training
Track and Field Training
Volleyball Training
Water Polo Training
Wrestling Training
Intercollegiate Baseball (M)
Intercollegiate Basketball (M)
Intercollegiate Basketball (W)
Intercollegiate Football (M)
Intercollegiate Golf (M)
Intercollegiate Golf (W)
Intercollegiate Soccer (W)
Intercollegiate Softball (W)
Intercollegiate Swimming (M)
Intercollegiate Swimming (W)
Intercollegiate Tennis (W)
Intercollegiate Volleyball (W)
Intercollegiate Water Polo (M)
Intercollegiate Water Polo (W)
Intercollegiate Wrestling (M)
Intercollegiate Beach Volleyball (W)
Intercollegiate Cross Country (W)
Intercollegiate Track and Field (W)
Intercollegiate Sports Conditioning
Automotive Technology
Independent Study
Internship in Automotive Technology 1
Biological Sciences
General Biology
General Zoology
Human Anatomy
Success in Anatomy
Human Physiology
Human Anatomy I
Human Anatomy II
Microbiology I
Microbiology II
Introduction to Biology
Concepts of Biology
Field Methods in Ecology
Natural History, Ecology and Conservation (also known as ESS 0014)
Marine Biology
Local Ecosystems of Placer County
Local Ecosystems of Nevada County
Vernal Pools and the California Prairie
Biology of Waterfowl and Marsh Birds
Ecology of the Sierran Conifer Forest
Weekend Field Paleontology and Ancient Environments (also known as ESCI 0016G)
Ecology of the Mendocino Coast
Biology of Mono Lake and the Great Basin
Ecology of Point Reyes National Seashore
Foothill Ecology of the Sierra Nevada
Aquatic and Riparian Environments of California Waterways
Marine Mammals and Birds
Ecology of the Modoc Plateau
Ecology of the High Sierra and White Mountain
Death Valley and Desert Ecosystems
Ecology of Mid-Western North America
Canyon Lands of the Southwest
Coastal Habitats of Northern California
Coastal Habitats of Central California
Deserts of Southern California
Biology/Ecology of the Klamath and the Southern Cascade
Ecology of Selected Wilderness Ecosystems
Ecology of the American River
Ecology of the Sutter Buttes
Introduction to Plant Science (also known as AGRI 0156)
Wildflower Identification
Wildland Trees and Shrubs (Dendrology)
Independent Study
Introduction to Ornithology
Introduction to Zoology
Introduction to Entomology
Introduction to Mammalogy
General Human Anatomy and Physiology
Biology: A Human Perspective
Biology: A Human Perspective Laboratory
Internship in Biological Sciences 1
Building Industries
Introduction to the Built Environment
Building with Green Construction Materials
Foundations and Framing
Introduction to Energy Efficiency Construction
Fundamentals of Construction Documents and Estimating
Residential House Wiring and Codes
Independent Study
Plumbing Installation and Design
Internship in Building Industries
Independent Study
Internship in Business
New World of Work - 21st Century Skills
Financial Accounting I
Financial Accounting II
Managerial Accounting
Ethical Studies in Accounting and Business
Personal Finance
Federal Income Taxation of Individuals
Federal and California Individual Taxation
Taxation for Businesses and Specialized Returns
Tax Representation, Practices and Procedures
Entrepreneurship - Starting a Small Business
Entrepreneurship - Small Business Management
Social Entrepreneurship
Computer Applications for Business
Creating Business Documents with Word
Excel for Business Applications
Introduction to Business
Customer Service Skills
Business Communications
Introduction to Oral Communication
Business Law
Law and Society
International Business Practices
Management Concepts and Applications
Organizational Behavior and Human Relations
Human Resource Management
Introduction to Marketing
Marketing in the Digital Age
Selling Dynamics
Real Estate Principles
Real Estate Practice
Legal Aspects of Real Estate
General Chemistry I
General Chemistry II
Problem Solving for Chemistry 1A
Problem Solving for Chemistry 1B
Introduction to Chemistry I
Introduction to Chemistry II
Problem Solving for Chemistry 2A
Problem Solving for Chemistry 2B
General Chemistry I - Part 1
General Chemistry I - Part 2
Chemistry - Quantitative Analysis
Organic Chemistry I
Organic Chemistry II
Independent Study
Internship in Chemistry 1
Survey of Chemistry and Physics
Communication Studies
Fundamentals of Public Speaking
Argumentation and Rhetorical Criticism
Small Group Communication
Communication Foundations
Performance of Diverse Literatures
Intercultural Communication
Interpersonal Communication
Communication Theory, Methods, and Practice
Visual Communication (also known as AAD 0012)
Independent Study
Introduction to Digital Filmmaking (also known as AAD 0079)
Mass Communication: Media and Society
Newswriting and Reporting Techniques
Multimedia Reporting
Media Practicum I
Media Practicum II
Internship in Communication Studies 1
Computer Science
Introduction to Computing
Programming Concepts and Methodology I
Programming Concepts and Methodology II
Data Structures
The Game Development Process
Programming for Mathematics and Science
Discrete Structures for Computer Science
Visual Basic .NET Programming I
Independent Study
Introduction to Computer Architecture and Assembly Language
System Programming with C
Introduction to Unix/Linux
Introduction to SQL
Visual Basic .NET Programming II
Web Programming with PHP
Web Programming I
Object-Oriented Programming Using C++
Game Programming
Mobile Device Programming
Internship in Computer Science 1
Deaf Studies
American Sign Language I
American Sign Language II
American Sign Language III
American Sign Language IV
Introduction to Deaf Studies
Independent Study
Internship in Deaf Studies 1
Drafting and Engineering Support
Technical Drafting I
Technical Drafting II
Civil Applications of Computer-Aided Design
Three-Dimensional Modeling
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
Architectural Drawing I
Architectural Drawing II
Architectural Drawing III-BIM (Building Information Modeling)
Independent Study
Managing the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Environment
Internship in Drafting and Engineering Support 1
Earth Science
Physical Geology
Physical Geology Laboratory
California Geology
Historical Geology
Historical Geology Laboratory
Energy, Environment, and Climate (also known as ESS 0007)
Introduction to Earth Science
Introduction to Earth Science Laboratory
Introduction to Oceanography
Introduction to Oceanography Laboratory
Weekend Field Paleontology and Ancient Environments (also known as BIOL 0016G)
Independent Study
Geology of National Parks and Monuments
Sierra Nevada and Western Basin and Range Provinces
Great Valley and Coast Range Provinces
Great Valley, Coast Ranges, and Sutter Buttes
Western Sierra Nevada and the Mother Lode
Major Rock Units of the Northern Sierra
Weekend Field Geology - Point Reyes
Weekend Field Geology
Field Geology of Western North America
Internship in Earth Science 1
Principles of Macroeconomics
Principles of Microeconomics
Independent Study
Tutoring Elementary Students in Reading (also known as ENGL 0007)
Introduction to Elementary Education with Field Experience
Independent Study
Internship in Education 1
Engineering Survey Measurements
Introduction to Circuit Theory
Circuit Theory Laboratory
Engineering Drawing and CAD
Descriptive Geometry and Solid Modeling
Independent Study
Manufacturing Processes
Materials Science
Internship in Engineering 1
Introduction to Engineering Design
Introduction to the Engineering Profession
Programming and Problem Solving in Engineering
College Reading, Writing and Research
Critical Thinking and Writing about Literature
Critical Thinking and Writing across the Curriculum
Structure of English
Analytical and Critical Thinking in Reading
Writing in the Workplace
Introduction to Shakespeare and Popular Culture
Introduction to LGBTIQ Literature
Creative Writing (Non-Fiction)
Introduction to Creative Writing
Creative Writing (Poetry)
Creative Writing (Fiction)
Introduction to Literary Criticism and Critical Concepts
Literature by Women
Independent Study
Introduction to Drama as Literature
American Literature - Beginnings through Civil War
American Literature - Civil War to the Present
Introduction to Poetry
Introduction to Shakespeare (The Drama)
Introduction to the Novel
Introduction to the Short Story
American Film Masterpieces
International Film Masterpieces
The Filmed Novel
The Documentary Film
Children's Literature (also known as HDEV 0044)
Young Adult Literature
English Literature
English Literature
World Literature
World Literature
Literature of Science Fiction
English as a Second Language
Introduction to Academic Reading and Writing
Advanced Reading and Writing
Academic Grammar and Editing
Academic Listening and Speaking
Academic Reading and Writing
Environmental Sciences and Sustainability
The Environment and the Human Impact
Introduction to Environmental Science Laboratory
The Sierra Nevada
Sierra Nevada Field Trip
Energy, Environment, and Climate (also known as ESCI 0007)
California Water
Conservation of Natural Resources
Environmental Regulations
Natural History, Ecology and Conservation (also known as BIOL 0014)
Independent Study
Internship in Environmental Studies and Sustainability 1
Introduction to Fashion
Fashion Analysis and Selection
Basic Clothing Construction
Intermediate Clothing Construction
Fashion Promotion
Fashion Illustration
Fashion History
Buying for the Fashion Industry
Visual Merchandising
Clothing and Culture
Independent Study
Internship in Fashion 1
Fire Technology
Maximum 30 units of FIRE courses excluding FIRE 0095
Fire Protection Organization
Fire Behavior and Combustion
Fire Protection Equipment and Systems
Fire Prevention Technology
Fundamentals of Fire Service Operations
Building Construction for Fire Protection
Principles of Fire and Emergency Services Safety and Survival
Independent Study
Basic Wildland Firefighter Training
Fire Hydraulics
Fire Apparatus and Equipment
Wildland Fire Control
Fire Tactics and Strategy
Fire Investigation
Internship in Fire Technology 1
Hazardous Materials - Operational Level
Human Resource Management for Company Officers - CO 2A
General Administrative Functions for Company Officers - CO 2B
Fire Inspections and Investigation for Company Officers - CO 2C
All-Risk Command Operations for Company Officers - CO 2D
Wildland Incident Operations for Company Officers - CO 2E
Instructional Methodology - Instructor I
Instructional Development - Instructor II
Elementary French - Level I
Elementary French - Level II
Intermediate French - Level I
Intermediate French - Level II
Independent Study
Physical Geography
Physical Geography Laboratory
Cultural Geography
Geography of California
Weather and Climate
World Regional Geography
Field Geography of Northern California
Field Geography
Independent Study
Application of Geospatial Technologies
Global Positioning System (GPS) for GIS
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Beginning Arc GIS
Intermediate Arc GIS
Advanced GIS
Geospatial Analysis
Internship in Geography 1
Elementary German - Level I
Elementary German - Level II
Independent Study
Health Education
Standard First Aid/Community CPR
Health Education
Health and Aging
Health Sciences
Emergency Medical Technician
Medical Terminology
Emergency Medical Responder
Functional Anatomy and Pathophysiology For EMS Professionals
Introduction to Advanced Life Support
Paramedic - Advanced Life Support Part 1
Paramedic - Advanced Life Support Part 2
Paramedic Clinical Experience
Paramedic Field Internship
Western Civilization to 1715
Western Civilization since 1715
History of the United States to 1877
History of the United States since 1865
The African American Experience in American History to 1877
The African American Experience in American History since 1877
History of Traditional East Asia
History of Modern East Asia
California History
Contemporary United States History
American Military History
Chicano/Mexican American History
Russian History - 10th Century to Present
Native American History
Women in American History
Independent Study
World History to 1500
World History since 1500
Internship in History 1
Human Development and Family
Human Development Through the Lifespan
Principles and Practices of Teaching Young Children
Observation and Assessment
Child, Family, and Community
Introduction to Curriculum
Health, Safety, and Nutrition
Child Growth and Development
Practicum Experience in Early Childhood Education
Practicum Experience in Early Childhood Education Lab
Infant and Toddler Development
Infant/Toddler Care and Education
School Age Child
Programs for School Age Children
Introduction to Children with Exceptional Needs
Psychology of Intimate Relationships and Family (also known as PSYC 0110)
The Family (also known as SOC 0004)
Dynamics of Parenthood
Teaching in a Diverse Society
Independent Study
Storytelling and Puppetry
Creative Process in Children
Adult Supervision and Mentoring in Early Care and Education
Administration I: Programs in Early Childhood Education
Personnel and Leadership in Early Childhood Education
Music and Movement for Young Children
Children's Literature (also known as ENGL 0044)
Language and Literacy
Math and Science in Early Childhood Education
Nutrition throughout the Life Cycle (also known as NUTF 0013)
Internship in Human Development and Family 1
Introduction to Humanities I
Introduction to Humanities II
Introduction to Asian Humanities
Classical Roots of the Contemporary Western World
Introduction to Women, Gender and Religion (also known as WMST 0003)
World Religions
Introduction to Mythology
Introduction to Atheism
Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
Introduction to the New Testament
Independent Study
Internship in Humanities 1
Italian Culture and Civilization
Information Technology
Business Information Systems
Independent Study
Software for Dynamic Presentations
Creating Business Graphics with Microsoft Publisher
Foundations for Creating Web Pages
Database Management
Systems Analysis and Design
Python for Many Uses
IoT - Internet of Things
Internship in Information Technology
Information and Communication Technology Essentials
Computer Network Fundamentals
Installing, Configuring and Administering a Client OS
Server Systems Administration
Introduction to Information Systems Security
Routing and Switching Essentials
Cisco CCNA 3 Scaling Networks
Cisco 4 - Connecting Networks
Implementing Network Security and Firewalls
Introduction to Cybersecurity: Ethical Hacking
Principles of Cybersecurity Analysis
Virtualization Concepts and Technologies
Computer Forensics Fundamentals
Elementary Italian - Level I
Elementary Italian - Level II
Independent Study
Elementary Japanese - Level I
Elementary Japanese - Level II
Independent Study
Cardio Fitness - Level I
Cardio Fitness - Level II
Cross Training
Weight Training
Strength Training - Circuit and Power Lifting
Physical Fitness
Aerobic Fitness
Cardio Kickboxing
Fitness and Weight Management Boot Camp
Instructional Methods for Group Fitness
Instructional Methods for Personal Trainers
Peaceful Self Defense
Basic Self Defense
Multi Self Defense System
Tai Chi
Self-Defense for Personal Safety
Recreational Basketball
Independent Study
Flag Football
Soccer Level I
Soccer Level II
Advanced Tennis
Beach Volleyball
Futsal - Level I
Futsal - Level II
Water Exercise for Fitness
Fundamentals of Swimming
Swimming Conditioning
Ballet I
Ballet II
Jazz Dance
Ballroom Dance
Modern Dance
Line Dance
Fundamentals of Yoga
Yoga History and Culture
Yoga Pedagogy Lecture
Yoga Pedagogy Lab
Coaching the Young Athlete
Introduction to Meditation
Mat Pilates
Adapted Aquatics
Adapted Aerobic Fitness
Adapted Individualized Exercises
ACE Personal Trainer Preparation
Introduction to Kinesiology
Sports Officiating
Physiology of Fitness
Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
Psychology of Sport
Theory of Baseball
Theory of Basketball
Theory of Football
Theory of Soccer
Theory of Softball
Theory of Volleyball
Introduction to Coaching Team Sports
Sports Activities
Sport First Aid for Coaches
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies
Introduction to LGBT Studies/Queer Theory (also known as WMST 0002)
Queer (LGBTIQ) Film History
Independent Study
Internship in LGBT Studies 1
Library Science
Independent Study
Internship in Library Science 1
Problem Solving
College Algebra
Elementary Statistics
Elementary Statistics with Support (Part 1)
Elementary Statistics with Support (Part 2)
Discrete Mathematics
Calculus for Social and Life Sciences
Calculus for Social and Life Sciences
Concepts of Mathematics
The Nature of Mathematics
Mathematical Concepts for Elementary School Teachers
Modern Business Mathematics
Independent Study
Pre-Calculus Mathematics
Analytical Geometry and Calculus I
Analytical Geometry and Calculus II
Analytical Geometry and Calculus III
Differential Equations and Linear Algebra
Business Calculus
The Science of Electronics
Fundamentals of Mechatronics
Introduction to Electronics
Fundamentals of Electronics
Fabrication Techniques
Computers for Robotics and Automation
Independent Study
Mechatronic Processes and Materials
Mechatronics System
Microcontroller Embedded Systems
Internship in Mechatronics 1
Music Appreciation
Ear Training I
Ear Training II
Advanced Ear Training I
Advanced Ear Training II
Music Theory I
Music Theory II
Composition with Electronic Media
Music Theory III
Music Theory IV
Music Fundamentals
Introduction and History of Jazz
Survey of Music History and Literature to 1750
Survey of Music History and Literature from 1750 to Present
Introduction to Music: History of Rock and Roll
Introduction to Commercial Music Production
Audio Recording
Media Content and Public Event Technology
Live Sound
Introduction to Entertainment Industry
Independent Study
Audiovisual Event Production
Beginning Voice
Intermediate Voice
Advanced Voice I
Advanced Voice II
Beginning Piano I
Beginning Piano II
Intermediate Piano I
Intermediate Piano II
Chamber Singers
Jazz Ensemble
Vocal Jazz Ensemble
Concert Choir
Jazz Improvisation Performance Ensemble
Wind Ensemble
Applied Music
Symphonic Band
Beginning Guitar
Beginning Guitar
Intermediate Guitar
Intermediate Guitar
Nursing, Registered
High-Risk Pediatric Nursing
Nursing Fundamentals and Geriatric Nursing
Medical Surgical I and Pediatric Nursing
Medical Surgical II and Mental Health Nursing
Advanced Medical Surgical and Maternal-Newborn Nursing
HIgh Risk Obstetrical/Newborn Nursing
Nutrition and Food Science
Food Preparation for Nutrition and Life Fitness
Principles of Nutrition
Nutrition Throughout the Life Cycle (also known as HDEV 0061)
Sports Nutrition
Independent Study
Internship in Nutrition and Food Science 1
Personal Development
College and Life Success
Career Planning
Introduction to College
Assertiveness Training
Peer Mentor Training
Career Exploration through Self Assessment
Independent Study
Student Leadership Development
Stress and Well Being
Career Exploration Internship 1
Internship in Personal Development/Human Services 1
Introduction to Philosophy: Ethics
Introduction to Critical Thinking
Introduction to Philosophy: Knowledge and Reality
Philosophy of Religion
Introduction to Symbolic Logic
Introduction to Asian Philosophy
History of Ancient Greek Philosophy
History of Modern Philosophy
Introduction to Philosophy of Women in Western Cultures
Independent Study
Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy
Introduction to Environmental Ethics
Introduction to the Philosophy of Science
History and Aesthetics of Photography (also known as ARHI 0134)
Independent Study
Photographing Works of Art (also known as AAD 0030)
Elementary Photography
Intermediate Black and White Photography
Documentary Photography
Studio Lighting
Advanced Studio Lighting
Introduction to Digital Imaging (also known as AAD 0075)
Advanced Projects in Digital Imaging (also known as AAD 0076)
Digital Photography
Color Photography
Business Practices for Photographers
Documentary Filmmaking (also known as AAD 0089)
Field Workshop: Cityscape
Night Photography Field Workshop
Photojournalism Field Workshop
Field Workshop: Landscape
Color Nature Photography Field Workshop
Outdoor Portrait Workshop
Field Workshop: Travel Photography
Wedding and Event Photography Field Workshop
Alternative Processes
Advanced Alternative Processes
Internship in Photography 1
Basic Concepts in Physics
Basic Concepts in Physics Laboratory
Independent Study
General Physics I
General Physics I Laboratory
General Physics II
General Physics II Laboratory
Principles of Physics: Mechanics
Survey of Chemistry and Physics
Principles of Physics Laboratory: Mechanics
Principles of Physics: Electricity and Magnetism
Principles of Physics Laboratory: Electricity and Magnetism
Problem Solving for Physics 210
Principles of Physics: Heat, Waves and Modern Physics
Principles of Physics Laboratory: Heat, Waves and Modern Physics
Problem Solving for Physics 215
Political Science
American Government
Comparative Government
International Relations
Russian and East European Political Systems
California Politics and Government
Politics of the Developing World
American Foreign Policy
Politics of the Middle East
Introduction to Political Theory
Introduction to Political Science Research Methods
California Government
Women and Politics in a Global Society
Independent Study
Internship in Political Science
Independent Study
General Principles of Psychology
Navigating Psychology: The Major and Careers
Social Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Research Methods in Psychology
Psychology of Adjustment
Abnormal Psychology
Psychology of Death and Dying
Psychology of Intimate Relationships and Family (also known as HDEV 0021)
Psychology of Women
Human Sexuality
Introduction to Biopsychology
Biopsychology Laboratory
Introduction to Psychological Statistics
Alcohol, Drugs and Society
Psychology and Film
Environmental Psychology
Cultural Psychology
Recreation Management
Foundations of Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Management
Program Planning and Event Management
Leadership in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Management
Leisure Aspects of the Hospitality Industry
Rock Climbing
Wilderness Survival
Internship in Recreation Management 1
First Year Seminar
Skill Development
Techniques of Tutoring
How to be a Successful Online Student
Information Literacy and Research Skills
Independent Study
Social Science
Introduction to Ethnic Studies
Dialogues in American Culture
Introduction to Chicana/o Studies
African American Culture and Experience
Independent Study
Immigrants and Refugees in America: The European Experience
Introduction to Native American Studies
Native American Cultures and the Impact of Federal Policy
Ethnic Images in Film
Introduction to Sociology
Social Problems
Race, Ethnicity and Inequality
The Family (also known as HDEV 0022)
Sociology of Women's Health
Introduction to Crime, Deviance, and Social Control
Feminism and Social Action (also known as WMST 0004)
Introduction to Hip Hop and Social Justice
Introduction to Statistics in Sociology
Introduction to Sociology of Sport
Sociology of Gender
Independent Study
Internship in Sociology 1
Introduction to Social Justice
Achieving Equity in Higher Ed: California Community Colleges
Elementary Spanish - Level I
Elementary Spanish - Level II
Intermediate Spanish - Level I
Intermediate Spanish - Level II
Intermediate Conversational Spanish
Spanish for the Healthcare Professions
Independent Study
Theatre Arts
Acting I
Acting II
Stage Movement
Introduction to Theatre
Stage Lighting
Costume History
Costume Construction
Stage Makeup
Acting for Musical Theatre
Stage Properties
Scenic Painting
Script Analysis
Production Crew I
Production Crew II
Production Crew III
Production Crew IV
Rehearsal and Performance - Cast I
Rehearsal and Performance - Cast II
Rehearsal and Performance - Cast III
Rehearsal and Performance - Cast IV
Stage Management
Independent Study
Internship in Theatre Arts
Welding Technology
Introductory Welding for Metalworking
Introduction to Gas Welding - Preparing for GTAW
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG) - Career Path
Welding Metallurgy
Shielded Metal Arc Welding on Pipe
Pipe Welding Certification - Uphill
Independent Study
Internship in Welding Technology 1
Women and Gender Studies
Introduction to Women's Studies
Introduction to LGBT Studies/Queer Theory (also known as LGBT 0001)
Introduction to Women, Gender and Religion (also known as HUM 0009)
Feminism and Social Action (also known as SOC 0010)
Internship in Women and Gender Studies